Space Purifier™️- Intelligent Car Air Purifier

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Space Purifier™️- Intelligent Car Air Purifier

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You Deserve to Breath Fresh Air

❌If there is one thing that our bodies respond well to is fresh air. But the problem is nowadays the air quality is not what it used to be. We are constantly bombarded with emissions from our office to our cars to our homes.

✔️It's time for you to find ways to protect the wellness of everyone in your car by maintaining a high level of air quality, so your brain could thank you later by functioning sharper and clearer.

🌬️Space Purifier created for this exact reason- To clean the air with powerful, innovative technology so you'll be able to finally breathe the fresh air your body deserves.

Cleaner Fresher Air Than Ever Before

⚠️As you drive around the city, exhaust fumes, factory discharge, and airborne bacteria can find its way into your breathing space, harming your body and your brain. But Space Purifier won't allow it to happen.

🔝This powerful tool is designed with a TVOC air sensor and integrated air ionizer to rapidly detect rising levels of toxic air and purify 99% of indoor pollutants as well as dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens.

How Does Space Purifier Works?

Space Purifier cleans your indoor air and Reduce 99% of Allergens, Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Odors, Pet Dander, Formaldehyde, Mold spores, and TVOC within several steps:

1️⃣A pre-filter removes large particles.
2️⃣The Super HEPA traps up to 99% of fine airborne mold spores.
3️⃣The deep-bed activated carbon filter adsorbs airborne chemicals, gases, and odors.

❇️With these functions, Space Purifier has the power to deliver more than physical health benefits, as the mental side effects can be extremely powerful as well. Now, you'll be able to maintain alertness that will give you a jolt of energy and a renewed spirit of health.

 Let Space Purifier Do the Work While You Enjoy the Benefits

✅Negative Ion Generators- Produces up to 8 million negative ions pcs/cm³, Space Purifier makes you feel like bathing in the forest every time you breathe with it being around. The negative ions help boost metabolism, reduce the pressure of the brain, and keep you from getting tired.

✅Eliminates Odors And Boosts Freshness- Say good-bye to bad smells as the Space Purifier uses 360-degree air inlet to kill unwanted odor in the space. Then the extra-fresh ionic booster releases millions of negative ions to thoroughly purify the surrounding air.

Other Important Features

✅Whisper Quiet Operation- The sound is just the most beautiful, even if it's a silent one. It almost non-existent on low function and has a perfect white sound on high.

✅Gesture Sensing And Digital Display- Infrared sensor by hand gesture for powering on/off and setting 2 speed (Low and High). Also, the digital display shows features like humidity, temperature, and wind speed. Moreover, it shows the air quality while the red light is bad air quality, blue is normal, and green is good air quality.

✅Portable And Compact- The compact size makes it a perfect fit in the cup holder of your car and also in any small area such as Desktop, Kitchens, Pet Room, and Bedroom.

Gets Yours Now And Cleanse Your Environment!

Space Purifier is one of our most demanded products because of its crucial capabilities. Today's air quality is not what it used to be, and this where Space Purifier thrives best. Order yours now and start to breathe the fresh air that your lunges desire!