KitchenTrio™️ - Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors + Practical Food Peeler + Garlic Crusher

KitchenTrio™️ - Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors + Practical Food Peeler + Garlic Crusher - Trendy World

KitchenTrio™️ - Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors + Practical Food Peeler + Garlic Crusher

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KitchenTrio™️- Must-Have Kitchen Tools For Every Household

Do you often spend time in your kitchen? Do you want to reach your full potential and make the most of your time and cooking skills?

If you answered yes, you have come to the right place! These three items are about to change the life you have known so far around the kitchen!

#1 Powerful Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors

MUTI-FUNCTIONAL KITCHEN TOOL-These professional heavy-duty kitchen shears perform great in the major kitchen tasks from cutting meat, ribs, chicken, seafood, BBQ food, vegetable to chopping herbs, cracking nuts, open bottle caps, peeling food, digging potato holes, and scale a fish. 

MULTIPLE USES FOR HOME AND GARDEN- In other words, there are not many things these scissors cannot do. They're so sharp, they are also suitable for cutting paper, hard plastic items, cardboard, and opening boxes and packages, and trimming rose stems as well.

COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC HANDLE- These kitchen shears are ergonomically designed, feature non-slippery, and perfectly fit your hands. The big handle loops make them easy to access and perform the best leverage for effortless cutting.

✅ELEGANT APPEARANCE- These multi-purpose kitchen scissors’ blades are made from premium stainless steel, strong rust & corrosion resistance. They are ultra sharp and deliver highly precise cuts with minimal effort.

✅DETACHABLE & EASY TO STORE- These scissors come with a special cover that can magnetize to the refrigerator. They also have detachable blades, which makes them easy to wash.

#2 Comfortable & Practical Food Peeler With Trash Can

✅POWERFUL PEELER- Removes just the peel without digging into the fruit & vegetable beneath. Whatever the task, the peeler should handle bumps and curves with ease and without clogging or losing its edge.

✅COMFORTABLE GRIP- Ergonomic design is lightweight and efficient even for those with arthritis. Works in right or left hand and maintains a firm grip and pressure to ensure peeling is effortless and safe.

✅BUILT-IN TRASH CAN- Focus on peeling, not on cleaning. With the storage function, you'll easily collect peels when peeling fruit or vegetable.

✅PREMIUM MATERIAL- STRONG Dual Rustproof & Sharp Stainless Steel blades stay ultra-sharp and are peeling effortlessly. The ABS handle is durable and does not discolor. The peeler can withstand extensive use without dulling or breaking easily.

✅VERSATILE USE- Great for peeling ALL vegetables and fruits, such as zucchini, carrots, potatoes, apples, citrus fruit tomatoes, peaches, plums, and more.

#3 Stainless Steel Garlic Press Rocker

✅CRUSH AND MINCE GARLIC EASILY- You can easily crush the garlic cloves in a few seconds. Just peel, squeeze, and chop it. you will love this new garlic chopping tool.

✅SOPHISTICATED DESIGN- The garlic press's size and weight are perfect, easy to use, and can quickly handle a large number of garlic cloves. This is an excellent gift for chefs, gourmets, or garlic lovers.

✅COMFORTABLE GRIP- This new garlic press has a curved shape, an ergonomic handle, and a comfortable grip, even for people with weak grips or small hands. It is so easy to press garlic lightly.

EASY TO CLEAN- Simply rinse with running water or use a dishwasher. The garlic is collected on the swinging press's surface and does not require additional cleaning.

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