Sink Assistant™️- Kitchen Triangular Sink Strainer

Sink Assistant™️- Kitchen Triangular Sink Strainer - Trendy World

Sink Assistant™️- Kitchen Triangular Sink Strainer

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No More Filthy Clogged Sinks

❌We all know that sometimes, our sink can get to a DISASTER point real fast. Lots of leftovers everywhere that make it quite difficult to put some order into your sink. All that leads to you wasting more time than you need on extracting all the small chunks of food that accumulated at your sink.

🙅Well, you don't have to accept this reality anymore. Now with Sink Assistant, you can expect to gain greater control over your sink.

Sink Assistant- Your Sink Best Friend

✔️Harmonize your sink with the help of Sink Assistant. Now, whenever you have scarps on your plate, don't throw into the sink and create a mess, but instead throw it into the Sink Assistant. That way, you'll be able to keep your sink organized and your dishes ready to be washed.

🔝Sink Assistant has been created solely to SAVE you loads of time, frustration, and annoyance while you're washing your dishes. Let this real simple, but a yet powerful invention to change your life around your sink forever.

Created With Great Attention To Details

✅Made For Utmost Productiveness- Hollow draining slots design allows water to drain quickly while retaining a wide variety of solids. Also, this unique design letting the sponges & scrubbers dry faster, and as a result preventing the accumulation of water and growth of bacteria.

✅Made For Diverse Use- Sink Assistant can be fully used for various purposes- It can serve as a cleaning tool shelf, hold dish soaps, sponges, scrubbers, and so on. It even can be used as a fruit & vegetable basket or as a tool to collect fruit and vegetable peels.

User Friendly, Sink Friendly


✅Strong Suction & Easy Installation- Sink Assistant works on any flat surface, including metal, ceramic tiles, marble stone, glass, and more. With durable suction cups, it attached on surfaces without any need for drilling or sticking. Moreover, Sink Assistant is anti-skid, easy to disassemble, and has a substantial load-bearing capacity.

✅Fits Most Sinks- With a compact triangular structure, this shelf fits neatly most sinks and any corner.

✅Health Friendly & Environmental Friendly- Sink Assistant is made of Non-toxic, Eco-friendly ABS material. It's Rust-proof, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Get Yours Now And Create Order In Your Sink

Order Sink Assistant today and make your life easier around your sink. There is another and better way to do things around the sink, and Sink Assistant provides just that!