Inflator To Go™️- Smart Portable Car Tyre Inflator

Inflator To Go™️- Smart Portable Car Tyre Inflator - Trendy World

Inflator To Go™️- Smart Portable Car Tyre Inflator

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Drive Without Worries

❌Have you ever had a flat tire on a trip and wish you had some kind of an inflator to save you from the mess you're in? These situations can cause a lot of wasted time, worries, frustration, and sometimes even life jeopardy. 

✔️For those reasons having a reliable inflator is a MUST-HAVE for every car owner,  motorbiker, and cyclist out there, and for those same reasons, Inflator To Go came to life.

A Must-Have Instrument On-The-Go 

🔝Inflator To Go created so you will be able to pump your tires anywhere and at any time without hassle at all. With this revolutionary portable wireless inflator, you won't have to worry about problems such as getting a flat tire or trying to pump air for your bicycle.

👇Read more to reveal all the unique features and learn about the advanced technology of this small but powerful inflator.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Productiveness

✅Inflate With Most Accuracy- Inflator To Go enables you to preset your desired pressure, and it will automatically shut off when the proper tire pressure is reached.

✅Compact and Lightweight- Have you been tormented by traditional air pumps that are large and bulky, time-consuming, and laborious? Well, you don't have to anymore! Now, with Inflator To Go, you'll be able to bring it anywhere or just store it at the back of the car, backpack, or drawer as it does not take up much space.

✅Inflate Everything You Want- Inflator To Go equipped with 4 different nozzle adaptors suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, balls, toys, mattresses, airboats, and other inflatables.

Your Savior On The Road

✅Created For Emergencies- Apart from saving you from flat tire situations, Inflator To Go hammer design could also help you break the glass to escape in case of an emergency.

✅Perfect For Night Situations- During dark emergencies, Inflator To Go has self-illumination highlight beads that will aid you in those urgent emergencies.  Designed with bright and long-lasting LED lights, make it simple for you to inflate and repair at night. 

 Rechargeable Battery- This portable compressor's certified lithium-ion battery and USB charging port support quick charging. With its built-in 2000mAh Li-ion battery, you can inflate your item without connecting to the external power cord.

Other Important Features

Act As Pressure Checker- Its smart design lets it instantly measure the pressure when it's connected to the tire. Even when you don't need to inflate your tires, you can connect the device to the tire to check the tire pressure. You can see your current tire pressure on the screen.

✅Easy To Use- With cordless portable design, Inflator To Go allows you to reach all tires of your bicycles, motorcycles, and cars (including SUVs) without any difficulty at all.

✅Unit Conversion- You can select the unit among psi, kPa, bar, and kg/square centimeter, meeting your different reading needs.

How To Use

1️⃣Connect the hose into the bottom tire valve core, and then press down the buckle on the air hose to prevent air leaking.
2️⃣Press the button "Unit" to wake up the LCD screen.
3️⃣Press the button "+" and "-" to preset tire pressure.

4️⃣Press the power button to start inflating. It will stop automatically when the preset pressure is reached.

Package Includes

1* Air Compressor
1* USB Charging Cable
1* Air Hose
1* Presta Valve
1* Ball Needle
1* Toy Nozzle
1* Storage Bag
1* User Manual


☉Battery capacity: 2000mAh
☉Inflation efficiency: 15L/min
☉Inflation pressure: 150PSI (Max)
☉Pressure units: PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM2
☉Working temperature: 0°C~60°C
☉Size: 5.5*4.5*19.8cm (2.2*1.8*7.8inch)
☉Weight: 360g/0.8lb
☉Maximum continuous working time: 8 min
⭕**Inflator To Go is not suitable for vans, coaches, motor homes, and trucks.

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Inflator To Go is a tool that gives you a Peace Of Mind- You can be certain it will be there for you at times of need, no matter where you are.