Helistationery™️- Transformable Helicopter Pencil Box

Helistationery™️- Transformable Helicopter Pencil Box - Trendy World

Helistationery™️- Transformable Helicopter Pencil Box

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The Perfect Gift For Kids

⚡We can guarantee that you haven't seen anything like Helistationery before!

🔝Helistationery is one of a kind pencil box. Alongside with its Unique Eye-Catching DesignHelistationery has an Integrated Multifunctional Stationery

Not Your Ordinary Pencil Box

❇️Helistationery is not just a mundane pencil box! Every part of this helicopter constitutes different stationery, in a total of 6 parts!

Emoji Request - ListeningEmojiWhat did you say? You want the scissor? No problem! Just pull out the Rear Propeller. Oh, and the ruler as well? Go search it inside the Helicopter Cabin!

😎Be certain that with Helistationery, your kid is going to Stand Out From The Crowd!

Highly Sought After Among Children

🧒Kids are absolutely going crazy for Helistationery! It makes their learning experience much more Enjoyable, Lively, and Interactive.

🙅No more ordinary and boring pencil box, But rather a Unique and Fun one!

Other Important Features

All-In-One Pencil Box- Helistationery comprises six different tools: Ruler, Pencil, Scissors, Stapler, Eraser, and Pencil Sharpener. In other words, it contains EVERYTHING kids need for school.

Organized Workflow- Helistationery helps kids stay organized and ensures they're not creating a mess by tossing their study tools into their bags.

✅Portable & Easy To Use- The six stationery can be combined into a small helicopter in just a few easy steps! Also, Its Lightweight and Compact design makes it easy to carry and convenient for small hands to use. 

Safe To Use- Helistationery has rounded and smooth design so your kid wouldn't be scratched or harmed while using it.

 Gets Yours Now While Supplies Last

🚁Enhance your kid's experience while at school with his/her Grand Helistationery. We assure you that it's gonna make their learning experience much more Interactive and Fun!