Defroster™️- Rapid & Natural Defrosting Tray

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Defroster™️- Rapid & Natural Defrosting Tray

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The Waiting Games Are Over!

❇️Defrost All Frozen Foods Quickly and Naturally- Defroster allows you to defrost frozen food up to 10X faster than at room temperature! This Wonder tray will help you defrost Fish, Meat, poultry, vegetables, or anything else that's frozen. Thawing times will vary depending on the thickness of the meat, but on average it will take between 10 to 60 minutes!

Forgot to Take the Meat Out? No Problems!

❇️Have you ever meant to defrost something to cook, only to remember you didn't take it out? Well, you don't have to worry about it anymore as Defroster got you cover and let you thaw your frozen food quickly and naturally! 

❇️Now you won't have to ruin your food anymore by using the microwave to defrost your frozen food. Simply place your frozen food on the super defrosting tray and see the magic happens.

No More Harming Your Food and Your Health

Completely Natural and Health-Friendly- Rapid Thaw defrosting tray is Aero-Aluminum with enamel coating, which is food grade material with FDA standard. It does not require any use of electricity, chemicals, or heating!

Defrost Quicker Without Sacrificing Flavour- Defroster reduces the overflow of juice when food is thawed, retaining your meat's delicious flavor.

Denying Bacteria to Spread Around- Leaving meat out at room temperature for long periods of time is unhygienic, allowing bacteria to spread around and spoil your food. Defroster will help you defrost any frozen food much quicker so the bacteria won't even have the chance to spread on your food!

How Does Defroster Work?

❇️Simply place the defrost tray on your kitchen counter and add your frozen food on top. For a quick test, place an ice cube onto the defrost tray and another onto a typical household plate. Now watch as the ice cube on the Defrost Tray melts before your eyes!

❇️All meats defrost at different times depending on their size, but regular chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, etc can defrost between 10-60 minutes - depending on their thickness.

Made With The Highest Quality

Invented For Utmost Productiveness- This super defrosting tray is made out of high-quality thermal conductive material to speed up the thawing process dramatically.

Convenient and User-Friendly-  This tray will help you defrost any frozen food much quicker without hassle at all. Also, although it has thermally conductive properties, the rapid thawing plate stays cool to touch.

Dishwasher Safe- Rapid Defrosting Tray has a non- stick surface making it very simple and easy to clean. 

✅Non-Slip Design: Defroster unique non-slip design allows it to catch all the liquids dripping from thawing food, ensuring a clean working environment.

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It's time for you to defrost your food in the correct Healthier & Quicker way. Don't miss this opportunity and get your Defroster now while supplies still last!