Personal Massager™️- Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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Personal Massager™️- Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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Treat Your Body Right

✔️Made for professional and personal use, our Personal Massager is a sure investment towards your body. It's like having a portable massage therapist that you can take anywhere you want.

✔️If you have an injury or lasting effects from one, this is the tool that will rid you of your pain for good. No matter your age, your size, or your sport, this Powerful Tool provides professional-quality therapeutic relief for your muscles.

Unleash Your Fullest Potential

❇️Don't let pain and soreness slow you down. Personal Massager revives muscle, boosts circulation, relieves body fatigue, combats stiffness, accelerates warmup, improves range of motion, and releases energy so you can recover faster and live better.

⛺What makes Personal Massager even more marvelous is the fact you can bring all these benefits just about anywhere you want- whether it's to your work, gym, camping, road, a friend's house, or anywhere else you can think of.

Percussion Therapy- Technology At It Best

🔝Personal Massager innovative technology, utilizing the "Percussion Therapy" feature, making it 30-times more effectively than a regular massage and 7-times more effective than a foam roller.

💪Percussion therapy boosts muscle function and recovery by penetrating deep into the muscle tissue with a series of rapid, concentrated pulsating strokes.

🏃This treatment promotes blood flow and flexibility while decreasing lactic acid build-up, enhancing the recovery of muscles and tissues and subsequently improving function, range of motion, and overall performance.

Specially Made For Your Body Needs

✅Extremely Powerful While Remaining Quiet- Personal Massager comes with a brushless high-torque 60w motor that can deliver 1900-3300 strokes per minute depending on the speed you selected. Moreover, the Quiet Glide Technology will make sure you will be able to enjoy a deep massage without experiencing annoying noise.

✅Customized Recovery- Personal Massager comes with 4 interchangeable head attachments, each one specifically designed to target and promote flexibility and blood flow in a different part of the body.

Take Your Body To The Next Level

Improve Your Performance- Regular deep massage after training has been shown to significantly increase performance in both sport and everyday fitness.

Clears Lactic Acid- Massage after training reduces lactic acid build-up and repairs micro-tears meaning less soreness and better sessions.

Speed Up Recovery- Power massage for muscle injuries can speed up recovery times by up to 30%, without the cost of visiting a physio.

Made For Utmost Productiveness

HD Touch Display: Touch buttons, accurate display of speed, time, and switch control.

Portable, Convenient, Compact- Personal Massager is cordless, lightweight and can be carried with the carry case, making it the best massager on the road. 

Long Lasting Usage- The massager is equipped with a 2400mAh high-quality lithium battery, which can work for about 3 to 6 hours after each charge (depends on how you use it).

What's Included

1 * Massage Gun Percussion Therapy Device
4 * Massage Head
1 * Charger
1 * Instruction Manual
1 * Storage Box

It's Time To Do Something Right For Your Body!

Order Personal Massager now and reveal how this powerful tool can Relieve your body pain, Boost Recovery, and Improve your performance!